I am excited to bring you the first Music Monday! In this series we will explore my Disney record collection discussing items of interest. As the first installment I thought it would be most appropriate to start with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs soundtrack. Being this is the first Disney feature film it holds a special place in not just Disney history, but film history as a whole.



This particular album is special as it is from the Disney picture disc collection. These records have the artwork printed on the actual vinyl record rather than the sleeve. Both sides One and Two feature different scenes from the original film. Side One depicts the washing scene and Side Two shows a collage of sorts and features scenes that span the entire film.


Side One- representation of the washing scene.


Side Two- Depicts various scenes from the film.

This album was released in 1980 under Disneyland/Vista Records and has a serial number 3101. It is all original audio recordings from the film itself with the credited songwriters of Frank Churchill and Larry Morey. One final fun bit of trivia for this album. The song Heigh Ho was titled (The Dwarfss Marching Song) Heigh Ho. The first part was often omitted and has almost never been used.[1] Needless to say I am definitely happy to have this in my collection as it sounds and looks great! If you are interested in hearing a quality version of songs from this album check out Disney Chris’ site as he posted the Overture on February 26, 2015.


Track Listing-

Side One:

  1. Overture:
    • I’m Wishing
    • One Song
  2. With a Smile and a Song
  3. Whistle While You Work
  4. Heigh Ho

Side Two:

  1. Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum
  2. A Silly Song
  3. Some Day My Prince Will Come
  4. Finale

[1] Dave Smith, Disney Trivia from the Vault. New York: Disney Book Group, 2012. 13




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