Hello again everyone. As I teased yester-night this is the first post for Toy Tuesdays! Each installment of Toy Tuesdays I will focus on old toys that are Disney related. I will be posting a mix of toys my wife and I had and toys we didn’t own but just think are cool. Moving right along, for this first Toy Tuesday I thought it would be appropriate to focus on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs again. With a thanks to my wife we will be looking at a collection of color changing Dwarfs. They were made in Thailand and released by Mattel. Originally released in 1992 there two main versions, one with and one without Snow White, along with some smaller individual sets released. Each Dwarf reacts to either cold or hot water. The all have great details such as elbow patches and realistic clothing draping. Their arms are movable and they all have waists that twist.

Below I have detailed the information of which Dwarf, what temperature water they react to, and what changes, with pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Bashful reacts to cold water, however my own wouldn’t react. After some sleuthing I found that, appropriately, his cheeks blush.


Sneezy reacts to cold water, however again mine wouldn’t react. After some fact checking I found his nose turns red.

In my research on these guys I found an interesting fact that Dopey and Sneezy were designed to be used together. Dopey’s bottom has an indention and fits on top of Sneezy’s head to make it look like the scene from the film where they put on the coat and dance with Snow White.


In some searching I have seen some versions of just these characters together that came with a coat just like in the movie. I hope you enjoyed learning about these toys! It definitely made my wife and I nostalgic. Until next time…




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