Hey all! Hope you are well. I am so very excited to share this with you. I recently purchased a (one time) subscription box to receive a collection of memorabilia from opening day (July 17, 1955)of Disneyland. This is limited release as only 1200 were made and sent out. Below are the pictures and descriptions of what was included in the box. Quick note, all of the images are posted as individuals for the maximum quality and detail but this means a lot of scrolling; I figured detail was the most important. I hope you enjoy!



My wife and I were so excited that this arrived today. We have been dying from anticipation!


Let the unboxing begin!



Everything out of the shipping box. I will start with the blue box and work my way around this photo counterclockwise.

We were pleasantly surprised, upon opening the blue box, to find a little statuette of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle! As you can see below it is a great bronze color and it is mounted on a piece of wood.


Sleeping Beauty’s Castle statuette- Front


Castle- Back



This is a 5×7 matted print of the original advertisement for the television program that aired on ABC about the park prior to its opening.


Wrapped in the white paper and inside a white sleeve was this velvety black box holding a medallion based on the dedication plate from Disneyland Park. Walt’s opening day dedication speech is on the front and back. Detail below.


Medallion- Front


Medallion- Back

Last but certainly not least is the sleeve containing all kinds of treasures!


A sleeve that describes and holds most of the printed matter with this box. This is the front


Sleeve- Back

Below I will go through each item included in the sleeve individually:


Invitation to the Press Preview to take place on opening day July 17, 1955

A little fun fact I learned while at Disneyland. Someone got their hands one of these tickets and made copies and so thousands more made it into the opening day event than originally planned.


The press parking pass sticker from the opening day event.


Bumper sticker advertisement


Disneyland Pennant


Postcards from opening day- 1 of 5


2 of 5


3 of 5


4 of 5


5 of 5


Opening Day park map- Front


Opening Day park map- back

Just look at that list of restaurants! I find it interesting that there were both Coca Cola and Pepsi stands in the park. While some of these have changed, there are many that still remain today in the park in some form.


Opening day park map- Inside partially open

Take some time to read those descriptions. Very interesting and gives a great overview of the intentions and attractions in each land on opening day!


Opening day park map- Inside fully open displaying actual map of the park.


Here is the entire contents of the box all at once so you can get an idea of scale.

Well that is the whole deal. Big thanks to my wife for setting up the ersatz photo studio and taking the pictures! Couldn’t have done it with out her. Once I have more time I will probably go through and do scans of all of the paper items to hopefully have even better quality versions up. I hope you found something you enjoyed!






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