Hey all! It has been 3 month’s since the first installment of this tour and I am definitely sorry about that! I hadn’t talked about it specifically but I have been in school to get my Master’s degree and have been very busy recently. I finished a couple weeks ago and I now have a bit more time so I am wanting to post more frequently again.

So let’s get down to business and finish up this tour!


Where we last left off in Part 1, we had found ourselves in the Dream Suite and had finished the first room after having visited a courtyard seating area. Next we moved to the living room area. This room was cream and white and had many widows letting in a lot of light. There was a fireplace at the far side with a mirror and across the room were pictures of the castles that were the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. Like the previous bedroom and the bathroom there was of course magic to be seen. At the stroke of midnight and upon the press of a button the room comes alive and music plays, scenes play out on the clock and items begin moving. They all have to do with a famous Disney movie and a certain glass slipper wearing, fairy god mother having maiden.

Next we moved into the last bedroom which had two large beds, had deep red wallpaper, and lots of wood. Also all around the room were little adventurous scenes of cowboys, pirates, and a train. There was very cool art on the walls depicting fun scenes of the old west and sailing the high seas; basically adventure! Keeping in line with the previous rooms this of course had the “Kiss Goodnight” magic button and again the room came alive and the figures began moving in their scenes. Truly breathtaking and I feel that this suite truly represents the magic and history of Disneyland as a whole. We then went out onto the balcony and looked around outside. Pretty cool to be one of a few people and getting all the looks from the other park goers below.



It was definitely a busy Sunday!

We left this room and went back into the living room and since we were unable to take photos during our visit we were allowed to have a few photos taken in front of the fireplace. Here are ours! (I added all 4 because you can see different parts of the room as well as a bit of the red adventure room we had been in as well.)

Now we went back down to the main park area and learned more about the area. The Dream suite along with Club 33 and some of the other rooms above New Orleans Square were going to be an entertainment and living suite for Walt Disney himself for when he had parties to entertain dignitaries and business partners, but upon his passing this feel by the wayside. Next we heard about the original plans for both Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion. I won’t ruin all of the details, but interestingly enough both rides were originally planned to be walk through attractions!

20160117_163950_HDR (1)

This is the staircase that Walt would have used to reach his apartment and entertaining spaces above New Orleans Square

We began making our way back to the front of the park and into Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. We viewed the pre-show and learned about what went into making the attraction for the New York World’s Fair. Interestingly enough, without the attractions and technology created at that fair we might have a walk-through Pirates or Haunted Mansion and most unfortunately wouldn’t have a Peoplemover or Carousel of Progress (this sounds like a nightmare)! Pretty amazing event to say the least. We then viewed the entire show for Great Moments and then gather outside the theater to look at the very bench that Walt was sitting on when he first dreamed up the idea for Disneyland, or Disneylandia as he originally wanted to call it.

This brought the tour to an end as we discussed Walt’s passing and his legacy that he has left behind not just in the park, but all over the world in so many facets of people’s lives. I know he has definitely had a big impact on our lives and I know there are countless others that would echo that sentiment.


As we walked back up to the main entrance where our tour began our guide played “Feed the Birds” from the film Mary Poppins. It was one of Walt’s Favorites and right after the emotional telling of Walt’s passing it was enough to bring many of the group to tears (I know it got me in the feels). We then got our special tour pins and ate our provided lunches from Holly Jolly Bakery. It was a very  nice time!


This was a fantastic tour to say the least. Definitely well worth the money and time it took to participate in it. I felt closer connected to the park and the care and work that went into it and even closer to the life and legacy of Walt. I highly recommend taking this tour if you are able. I have withheld much of what was discussed on the tour as to not ruin everything for anyone interested in taking this tour.

As always I hope you have found something you enjoyed in this post. Thanks for the continued support!



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