Hey all!

Two weeks ago my wife and I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Kansas City Comic Con. As you may know we are involved with a local non-profit called “Thank You Walt Disney”. They are working to restore Walt Disney’s first animation studio, Laugh-O-Gram Studios, which was in Kansas City. It is so much fun to go to the comicons, see the amazing costumes and vendors and best of all get to interact with so many great people especially the great group of fellow volunteers.


To top it all off we get to help out a great cause to save an important piece of Disney history. If you are at all interested make sure to check out their website. It has great information on what the group has done and where they are headed.

As a special bonus of helping out over that weekend we got the opportunity to walk around and see so many great costumes and booths. In fact we were lucky enough to be located next to artist Todd Allen Smith. He is best known for his work on Batman: The Animated Series and was one of the first artists to work on Harley Quinn. This was one of my favorite shows growing up so it was great to meet one of the artists who worked on it! Check out his website too!


One of the coolest experiences however, was to be able to talk to Brian Herring, the puppeteer for BB-8! He was amazingly interesting and so incredibly nice I talked to him for almost half an hour! It was cool to hear about his experiences over the years working on Hellboy 2, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and more recently Star Wars: Force Awakens. Definitely a cool experience!


That is all I have to report so to finish things up I figured I would post some of the great things and people we saw. So much talent!


Barf from Space Balls. Classic!


She was a great quidditch player. Definitely a pro with that costume and pose!


Spring Elsa complete with snowgie!


Such a great family costume complete with a Lakitu!



A fantastic Lydia from Beetlejuice. She even had the Guide for the Recently Deceased!




These were all created by hand by the gentleman in the fitting, “I Make Stuff” shirt. Amazing skill and detail went into making them.


This kid killed it. He was a different character each day. Obviously Ant Man with Ant-tony. The legs even looked like they were walking when his wheelchair rolled. Amazing!



Such a cute Lilo and Stitch costume


Just a few big bad Deatheaters up to no good!


This was a great group costume. The orc makeup was fantastic and the Sauron was so tall!




Thanks for checking out the post. If you want to see more, check out my previous Comicon post here.

As always I hope you found something you enjoyed!






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