Hi everyone! Laura here. Before we leave for our trip to Walt Disney World this week, we thought it might be fun to do kind of a pre-trip report, with the Top 10 things we are most excited about for our upcoming trip. Of course, everything about going to WDW is exciting, but we narrowed down a list of things we are MOST excited for! Let’s get started!

  1. Snacks

We love to eat. A lot. We agree that there’s nothing better than starting your day with a Nutella Waffle from Sleepy Hollow, strolling around World Showcase while enjoying a cone from L’artisan des Glaces, or ending your long day with a trip through the Tiki Room followed up with a Dole Whip. Disney has some of the best snacks, and it’s a well-known fact that everything tastes better in Mickey shape. We’ve got a lot on our Disney snack bucket list to check off on this trip. From things we’ve never tried before like ice cream from the new Ample Hills Creamery at the Boardwalk, Norway’s ever-popular School Bread, and Zebra Domes, to the familiar favorites like Mickey Pretzels, Dole Whips, and Popcorn, one thing can be certain – it’s a good thing we manage 8-10+ miles of walking in a Disney day!


Our breakfast at Gaston’s Tavern from our last trip.

  1. Pop Century

We have never stayed at a value resort before, but for this trip we decided to take the plunge and try it out. What drew us in the most were the better than average reviews for a Value resort, and the fact it doesn’t share a bus with other resorts like the All Star resorts do. The theming looks awesome, and I love that each area within has its own decade with larger-than-life icons. Do I want to walk up a staircase that looks like a giant Yo-Yo or Bowling Pin? Yes. Yes I do.


  1. Frozen Ever After

I know this ride has gotten a lot of harsh talk because it’s basically a should-be-Fantasyland ride shoved into the Norway pavilion, but we’re still pretty excited to ride it. We’ve actually never been to Disney when a ride has been so new, so luckily we have a FP for it. Getting to ride it will be an all-new experience for us, and who doesn’t love experiencing a new ride for the first time? The animatronics look great, and the ride looks cute. We are looking forward to our fun little trip around Arendelle!


  1. Food and Wine Festival

If you’ve been paying attention, you know we love to eat (see #10 above). We attended Epcot’s Flower and Garden festival in 2015 which was nice, and kind of like a mini F&W with some of the food booths they had. Epcot is already a goldmine for interesting and different food and drink, and with F&W running we think it will be even better! With all the events and fun things to see and do, I’m hoping we’ve budgeted enough time in our schedule to see and do all that we want to!


Delicious Pork buns and a frozen drink we had during Flower and Garden 2015

6. Hollywood Studios Evening Entertainment

It seems crazy and somewhat shameful to admit as Disney fans, but we have never stuck around Hollywood Studios long enough at night to watch Fantasmic. This time we’re armed with FPs, and are excited to see it for the first time ever. We’ve also not visited at a time of year where we’ve been able to catch any Star Wars fireworks shows but with Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular currently running, that’s where we will be spending our first night at WDW. With Brian being such a huge Star Wars fan, we’re pretty excited about it!


  1. Main Street Electrical Parade

This is a personal favorite of mine. In the mid-90s my family went to Disneyland for a family vacation, and that’s where I first watched the Main Street Electrical Parade. On our last trip in 2015, we watched it several times. It’s got fun music, flashy lights, and great characters. As soon as I hear the music I can’t help but dance around like a dork! When we heard that it was going back to Disneyland, I was relieved that it was sticking around until October so we can see it again on our upcoming trip!

Electrical Light Parade

  1. Expedition Everest

This is one of our favorite rides at Disney World! I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to thrill rides. In fact, I always have every intention of getting on Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror and as soon as I’m there I chicken out and never get on. This is one exception to that rule. I don’t know what drove me to get on it the first time, but I’m so glad we did! The theming and relatively mild thrills make this ride so much fun! We got the opportunity to ride it at night last year after we ran the Expedition Everest 5k, and with the new nightlife at Animal Kingdom we’re pumped to ride it at night again!


Our first ride on Expedition Everest. We are in the second row. Can’t beat the site of that drop as  you come out of the mountain!

  1. Trader Sam’s

This is another first for us. Every time we’ve visited WDW in the past the park hours have been a lot longer than they are this trip. Beings this is the first time we’ve visited in the true off season, Magic Kingdom closes at 9pm some of the nights we’re there. In the past it was hard to convince ourselves to leave the parks when we know they’re still open, because of course we’ve got to fit all our million rides on Big Thunder Mountain in. We like to get as much time in as possible so the parks by far outweighed other experiences at WDW. This time beings park hours are a little shorter, it seems like the perfect time to hop over and give it a try. The hardest decision will be figuring out what to get!


  1. Animal Kingdom at Night

As I mentioned in #4, we got to run the Expedition Everest 5k in 2015. It started at 10pm, which was a unique experience because that was before the days of any real nightlife at Animal Kingdom. I remember running through the park and about halfway through the race as we rounded the corner to Discovery Island, we stopped dead in our tracks at the sight of the Tree of Life all lit up. I was pretty proud of myself for running non-stop as far as I had, and I would have continued to run but it was so breathtaking we had to stop and get photos. We’re going at a time where they’ve already stopped the Jungle Book show, and Rivers of Light has not debuted yet. For me, this won’t matter much. We’ve heard the Tree of Life Awakenings are fantastic, and for me personally I’m so excited to see the park at night again.


Tree of Life at night during our Expedition Everest 5k. 2015.

  1. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

This is the first time we’ve been to WDW around the holidays. When I booked this surprise trip for Brian’s graduation celebration I almost booked it for November, working around the Big Thunder Mountain closure (our all-time favorite ride ever). I heard so many great things about MNSSHP, that it included arguably the best parade and fireworks show out of the entire year at Magic Kingdom, that it seemed like a worthy trade-off to go when our favorite ride was going to be down. We’re so excited to watch all the shows and ride Haunted Mansion during the party, and we’re also looking forward to the special Halloween party snacks. Fun fact – Hocus Pocus terrified me as a child, and I refused to watch it again until about 4 years ago, but I’m really excited to see that show too! Plus, hello, we get to dress up in costume and trick-or-treat? As if Disney World didn’t already bring out your inner child, this is the cherry on top of the most awesome sundae you could ever imagine! We’re so excited to show you our costumes (we’ve given a few sneak peeks on our Twitter page), and we’re really looking forward to seeing the Magic Kingdom all spooky!


One of our pictures from Haunted Mansion looking spooky!


So there’s our Top 10 list of things we’re most looking forward to! We will report back after our trip to fill you in on all the important details and if our Top 10 wound up being our actual Top 10 or if we had any surprises sneak in there! We’re so excited to head down this week, and we will be sharing our trip with you all along the way!

Until next time!


*All photos with captions are our own, otherwise they are owned by Disney.


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