Waking Sleeping Beauty

Hey all! I wanted to write a quick summary and review for a great documentary we watched a while back. Waking Sleeping Beauty  tells the story of Disney rising from near disaster and entering what is considered a golden period of animation. We are undoubtedly familiar with some of the fantastic animated films that came out…Read more Waking Sleeping Beauty


Disney Dons Dogtags: Disney WWII Military Insignia

Hey all! I hope you are have a great 2017 so far! I recently came upon a book by  Walton H. Rawls, titled Disney Dons Dogtags. It tells the history of Disney's involvement in creating insignia for various military outfits throughout WWII. It is a great book and if you are interested in war or Disney…Read more Disney Dons Dogtags: Disney WWII Military Insignia