Hey all! Here we are only 5 days into 2017 and I am writing my second post of the year! Pretty crazy stuff, right?! I have been wanting to write this post for some time so I am very excited to be able to share this with you.

A few months ago Laura and I were going through photos at her parents house and we stumbled upon some family photos from old Disneyland visits, including some from as early as 1956! We were very excited to find them and immediately fell in love with them. We had known that Laura’s mom had gone when she was younger, but we hadn’t been able to find any photos before now. It is cool to see photos of Disneyland as it used to be, especially in photos that involved family. I have gone through this small set, scanned them, and retouched them with my extremely elementary skills.


Since most will be familiar with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle I will just say that the tall woman on the left is Laura’s grandmother.


Here the group stands in front of the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship and restaurant. In 1960 when Chicken of the Sea removed its sponsor-ship (ha!)  it became Captain Hook’s Galley. Interestingly, the ship was built elsewhere and craned in to where it sits in this picture, fitting for becoming the Jolly Roger which flew.


Here the family stopped off for some concessions. I believe that this could be a Welch’s Concession stand as they sell grape juice, but I have been unable to verify where exactly this is. However, I was interested to notice at the time they sold both Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.


Here the family stands in front of the Clock of the World at the original entrance to Tomorrowland. If I have oriented myself correctly the Circarama Exhibit which was a 360 degree theatre. The rest of Tomorrowland would lay in front of them.


Here they are in front of the Rivers of America and the sailing Mark Twain. You can also see Tom Sawyer Island at the far left of the photo.


We have jumped a decade and Laura’s mom appears here. She is the girl in the middle, third from the left. Here they stand in front of the Swiss Family Treehouse, the now Tarzan Treehouse.


Here the group stands in front of Main Street train station with a bonus train! Here you can see the Santa Fe sponsored Disneyland Rail Road in some of its glory along with the famous Mickey flower bed.


Well that is all we have for now. I believe we can get my hands on some more of these types of photos and if so there will be more posts like this. I appreciate you reading and I hope you found something you enjoy.





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