Hey everyone! In honor of DCA turning 16 yesterday I figured I would share some of our photos from the park when we took our trip last year. I have to say that this park has some of the best themeing that I have ever seen. So many great lands with amazing details. It is hard to pick a favorite area, but looking back at my photos I have so many of Cars Land I guess it seems that would be the winner for me. 🙂 Just as a warning these pictures were taken mostly with out old phones so the quality isn’t always the best, especially at night, but it should do the trick.


Love this sign throwing it back to the early animation days. This is in the backlot area as you make your way to the Tower of Terror.



We got to meet one of our favorite characters! We were both clearly excited.


We got a cookie sundae in a Mickey Kitchen Sink. It was quite delicious!


Nothing too special about this shop, but I really love the signage.



The Carthay Circle Restaurant looking its best. It was one of my favorite landmarks in the Buena Vista street area.

The Grizzly Peak Recreation area is another wonderful “land”, especially at night. Actually, in general all of DCA really shined. It was pretty breath taking at times.20160116_204804_hdrimg_6694img_6698


We couldn’t believe the size of this statue!


I really liked that they put a little bit of Brother Bear into this area.


The map of the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. We had a lot of fun here despite being sore from already spending two days in the parks and running a 10k.


A cute detail from the map.



Redwood tree section with markers of different historical points.


It was kind of cold when we went last January so we never got up the nerve to ride this. A very cool theme though!

The next great area in DCA is the Pacific Wharf and Paradise Pear. A very lively place with the carnival feel and fun!



Standing below California Screamin’. It seems so tall when you are down below.


The sideshow area with games and shops was probably my favorite part of Paradise Pier. The lights and sounds gave it a great atmosphere.


A Bug’s Land was another fun themed area. Most of the pictures didn’t turn out in this area but here are a few cools ones!


The fact that the restrooms are in a tissue box makes me smile. So many smart ideas!


I was so excited to see that they worked in the lightning bug lights from the movie.


The themeing really does make you reel like you are a bug on the lawn of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Also the Tower of Terror is looks great at night!

And now for what I consider the best themed area of all of DCA….Cars Land! I can remember when we first walked down Route 66 headed toward the mountains. Seeing all of Radiator Springs during the day was good enough, but at night it was truly great. All of that neon..wow!


Don’t mind the darkness. I really wanted to make the neon stand out.


Well that is all for now. I look at these photos with so many fond memories. Not only so many great sights and sounds, but of the fun during Star Wars race weekend, and to top it all off it was my first time! I hope you saw something you enjoyed!

Thanks for taking a look!



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