Hey all! I hope everyone is having a great February so far. I can’t believe how quickly the month is going. We will be in March before you know it (this time next week in fact)! I thought I would share another record from our collection as I really enjoyed it a couple weeks ago and it seemed others did as well.

This week I wanted to share another record that has a book with it. This week we will look at Treasure Island. This is in good condition. There is very little ware both on the sleeve and the LP itself. It even has the complete book in wonderful condition so you can read along each step of the way. Unlike other Disney records in our collection that have books in them this one doesn’t have songs included. The audio is the original sound track from the Disney live-action motion picture with narration by Dal McKennon.


Undoubtedly, the sound and experience with the narration is great, but my favorite part are the illustrations by Neil Boyle. He has captured important scenes from the story and brought them to life in his beautiful, flowing, painterly style. In my opinion I don’t think a different style would fit this story any better.



The record in action!

Last and definitely not least, I took pictures of each page so you can read the story and see the wonderful artwork. In some cases I took a photo of the page and then a close up of the text so you it is legible.


Front Cover


Page One


Page Two and Three


Page Three detail


Page Four


Page Five


Page Five text detail


Page Six and Seven


Page Six detail for text


Page Eight


Page Nine


Page Ten


Page Eleven


Back Cover

I truly love this record. The condition combined with the great story and album art makes this a stand out in our collection. Unfortunately, I don’t have audio at this time, but if possible I will record it at some point so I can update this post to include it. I really appreciate you taking the time to read.

I hope you found something you enjoy!



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